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Hair Color Chart

Hair color chart – Tips to find the right shade for you

Red hair color chart

Important Tips For Using A Hair Color Chart

If you are thinking about becoming a redhead, it may not be a simple matter like buying some red dye. There are many different shades of red to consider, and they may look different on a hair color chart, or visual aid. This is also true, when thinking of turning into a blond. These coloring charts can vary a great deal, and it is best to know as much about them as possible, before you attempt to change colors.

The Beauty Salon

Beauty salons are an excellent source for coloring charts, as they are professional in nature. Your hairstylist is trained in these things and can provide professional advice and service. Many of the better charts utilize actual samples of hair, for you to examine and consider.

When you have swatches, it is something real that you can examine and hold up to the light. You can get an idea of what your new shade will look like. You also have the chance to discuss the matter with an experienced professional, in a salon.

In Your Local Store

Many hair color charts are specific to certain product brands. This means that they may look entirely different, if you are not using that brand. The reason for this may be easily explained, as different manufacturing products or chemicals are often used.

Many people cannot afford to go to a salon, these days. Current economic conditions have many households on tight budgets. However, you can make your own swatches, if you are willing to invest the time. Use small samples of your own tresses, and you may wish to cut them. However, you may simply use sections that are not easily noticed. Make sure to wait until a sample is well dried, as it may appear different when it is still wet.

Tips for Avoiding Frustration

When you are trying to change your appearance, many things can go wrong. Make sure that you take the lighting into consideration, when you are evaluating products from coloring charts. Some of the colors on charts may have a different appearance in dim lighting. Also, they may appear brighter in natural sunlight. Do not forget to include the Internet factor when you are considering coloring charts. Your computer monitor may have different settings, and online charts may not be exactly what you see.

If you wish to avoid problems, be aware of what happens when changing from dark to lighter shades. This is especially important if you are doing the job on your own, and without professional assistance. The coloring charts will not reflect what happens if you go to a blond from being a brunette, in one step. You may have to take some bleaching steps first.


When you use a hair color chart, you have a valuable tool for coloring. Many fine examples are hanging in professional beauty salons, as they contain actual samples that you can examine closely. This lets you see exactly what your new hairstyle will look like. If you cannot afford professional help, be aware that these charts may vary a great deal from one manufacturer to another.

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  1. is there a way to find out what number the matching colors should I want to make a wig or get the colors to make a weave.
    I would like the colors 7.43 with 8.43 mixed or streaks

  2. Two salons with different Hair Colorings Paul Mitchell and Redkin. Because of this I wasn’t sure if it was the same
    Color as I had gotten before. I have a suggestion, get a Chart made out for the Beauty Salon so that I will be more
    Confident when I go in. Chart would consist of All the companies that color hair with corresponding colors and their
    Numbers with colors. Thanks for reading this. Sincerely Jean Calder.

  3. Beauty salon hair coloring names with numbers have a chart to show corresponding names with numbers on a
    Chart. When you show the customer this chart they’ll be more confident . I moved and I’m not sure if this was the
    Same as I’d previously gotten before that I really liked. She said it was but with a chart I would’ve been happier

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