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hair color? auburn?!?

please help! okay i died my hair with one of those ‘ will wash out in 8 to 10 days” things and my hair is now reddish brown with red highlights i have three questions

1) will my color come out in the pool? should i go in the pool?
2) what colors (for cloths) look good with auburn hair
3) what make up should i wear to compliment it

if you can’t answer all of these thats okay

please help! ths is new to me i’m at a loss

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  1. 1)DO NOT get in the pool yet!! Wait at least 2 weeks so that the color will already be set in your head and won’t turn a different color; that could be a nightmare.

    2) Any colors should look good with Auburn hair…probably darker colors will work best though.

    3) Maybe green eyeliner when you wear something green will help bring it out. But other than that, just wear regular dark brown eyeliner, mascara, foundation & lip gloss so that the hair can compliment itself. No red or pink! That’s too much ‘close-to-red’ action lol.

  2. 1) mostly not.. but worth a try
    2) i wud say blue and greens
    3) brown makeup

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