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Gentlemen, is really true that you prefer blonds ? Do you think reddish-brown/auburn hair is hot, too?

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I know personal realationships are really about personality, but I’m just curious to see how many of you men are into auburn hair, or whether you only go for the blondies. 😉 Ladies are also welcome to respond.

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  1. I think redheads are incredibly sexy. Even the ones who have kinda pale skin too. Don’t ask me why, they just are!!

  2. Auburn/red is a turn off for me, but I know plenty of people who like red hair.

  3. i prefer brunettes 🙂

  4. I really don’t care, so long as it’s natural (not dyed), and not red.

  5. idk some people prefer blondes but personally i love girls with dark black hair.

  6. Depends who its on, i only see blondes as sex tho lol,
    rest are for relationships.

  7. I’m an equal opportunity employer

  8. Red heads are my best, then brunetts then blondes. its just because blonde is way to popular, and red heads are rare, and so much more beautiful, impossible to find a natural redhead that is un attractive, especially the scottish and swedens.

  9. i personally think blonde’s are unattractive

  10. i prefer brunettes 😉 mmm.

  11. all men are different…just like all women prefer different types of men…i doubt with any man hair color is a deal breaker…there is much more to look at on a women.

  12. im more attracted to brunettes but there are very pretty blondes out there.

    answer mine:


  13. My girl has the most amazing, long, black hair. It shines like silken glass.

  14. I dont like redheads, but I think I’m in the minority on that one. I don’t really care about the other colors, as long as it’s not red.

  15. I don’t really like blondes myself.. The darker colors are definitely more attractive.

  16. I have natural red/auburn hair so I hope its sexy.. But I dye it a light blonde if that tells you anything lol..

  17. i think i look more at the structure and beauty of the face…the hair color almost doesn’t matter at all..

  18. I think blonds are way too over rated. Every where I look all I see are blonds, most of them are fake blonds too boot. I like the darker colored hair myself. Nothing creeps me out more than a blond with dark brown eye brows, that’s just gross. The world needs less blonds, more raven haired beauties.

  19. yes i love red hair!!!! i dont even like blonds hahaha. i like black and red hair. plus what i noticed is red haired women always have the nicest butts!!! haha. u asked =)

  20. many guys think hot blond girls are the bestest but oh well..
    there are still some guys out there who think brunette/red hair are sexier. 🙂

  21. hair colour doesnt fuckin matter, as long as their hot, i dont really like red heads though, kuz then they got fire-crotch LOL! unless they shave that shit

  22. No gingers. I prefer brunette

  23. I don’t think red hair is a bad trait. I think guys care more about the condition of your hair; they would rather have a girl with silky, healthy hair than a girl with dyed to a crisp hair lol. IF you are going to dye your hair, do it for yourself and not for others. Also make sure to use a good conditioner and minimal heat to prevent getting fried ends. I honestly don’t understand the red hair phobia, it’s very odd. I love guys with red hair, they are so cute, I’m not white either lol.

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