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Funky Hair Color Ideas

Funky Hair Color Ideas To Inspire You

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One of the hottest styles on the market today is the funky hairstyle. These come in many different cuts and there have been a number of funky hair color ideas that have surfaced as a result. One will find this type of cut, and color, very popular with the high school and college crowds, as well as a number of people who appear on the music scene.

Types of funky styles include the Faux Hawk, Wild, Crew Cut and Cameo Braid, as well as Spikey. These styles are being enhanced, in many cases, by the addition of a temporary or permanent dye. While shocking, to most people at first, it is not unusual to see someone with green, yellow, purple or some other shade in their hair.

Some colors are applied in stripes, while others might encompass the entire head. This is very popular with the Faux Hawk cut, similar to the Mohawk and certainly attracts everyone’s attention. Various shades can be put on with a temporary or permanent dye.

However, one usually does not find these unusual shades in an ordinary beauty salon so, as a rule, they will be found in a beauty supply store or on the Internet. There is the choice of whether to do it oneself or take the shade to a professional stylist to be applied. If wanting a permanent job, the latter is a good idea for several reasons.

Changing color requires a special bleach which is applied before a permanent dye. The shade of the natural hair will determine the type of bleach that must be used. This is quite a complicated procedure, however people with light blond, white or gray usually can skip this step of the dyeing process.

With special bleach, the hair is sectioned prior to being applied, this requires specific timing so it is important to follow exact directions which are available on the Internet. If being done at home it is important that one’s clothing and surroundings not be hit by the bleach. The dye is also has to be put on in sections and the process will have to be repeated at the roots approximately every 30 days.

Some people use temporary dye, which is available in gel and spray forms, is easy to apply and washes out. This does not require bleaching, can easily be used for a special occasion (such as Halloween), and then removed the next day. In addition, this type of coloring does not cause any damage. Going on the Internet, one can find many other funky hair color ideas.

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