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Favorite unique hair color (which for streaks in auburn hair; ignore other colors and the styles in photos)?

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also…can anyone find me links to pics of cool greens and purples? or other ‘interesting’ colors? I want to do something different and unique with my hair

oh, btw, my hair’s just layered and straight; goes a little over my shoulders, so it’s easy to visualize
so yeah, just ignore the black and brown hair underneath;yes, I put too many blue pics in, but I couldn’t find good ones of others

where could I get these hair colors anyway? lol
Mackenzie!-I really like that, I’m just trying to visualize it on myself…
how come when I’m clicking on some of my own pics that I chose, different pics are popping up? like of that guy from Cute is What We Aim For? wtf! :~(
2. is supposed to be the girl with dark blue hair…(I likey)
3. another blue, but different and duller…(don’t like so much)
4. silver (which is definitely different)
5. magenta and blue (sweet!)
6. is supposed to be the top view of a really cool red, though I’ve already done something similar…
7. Joss Stone has cool hair…
8. blue tips…ugly girl

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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

Image by yeah that’s my question, and this next question is kind of awkward but …


  1. i kinda like the purple

  2. i love everyything about the second one. its really cute!
    this is a purple


  3. I like them all but the 4th one
    it looks like the poor gal is going gray already

  4. escalators.colder.than.a.cell

    i like the 5th pic the best, but theyre all awesome
    heres a pic of green and pink http://photobucket.com/image/scene%20hair/XguitarXbabeX03/scenehair77.jpg?o=94

  5. ~!@$ROCK-*-STAR$@!~

    i like the 1st 2nd 6th and last 1!! awsome!!! u RAWK

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