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Eye Makeup Tips for Auburn Hair Color

Eye Makeup Tips for Auburn Hair Color – Tips That Work For You

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When you change your hair color, you will also need to change your makeup.

People who change their color but not their makeup often find that they are disappointed in the color. When the correct makeup is used with a hair color, the face and hair look healthier. If you have been a blond, your foundation may have some pink in it. When this foundation is used with Auburn color, your skin will look more pink or even sunburned. Any colors you use that have a red base will not look as good with Auburn hair.

You new hair color will bring the focus of people to your eyes. The colors and eye makeup you use with blond hair can make your eyes appear heavy when used with Auburn color. When colors used with darker hair colors are used with Auburn, the eyes can appear much smaller.

Most people who have blond hair wear a heavier foundation and eye makeup than other colors. The foundation and eye colors are used to bring the focus of the observer to those areas. However, when this makeup is worn with Auburn hair color the result if a much heavier and older look. Auburn hair already brings the focus to the eyes and face, so it is not necessary to use heavy makeup to enhance the effect.

Discussing your needs with a person who provides consultation in hair and makeup will save you time and money when you are changing hair colors.

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  1. Katherynn-Yvonne

    You seem to have advice for blondes but not anything about a medium copper who went a slightly brighter red on top but kept the original color as a peek a boo or anything about a nyone with black or brown hair . It’s really a shame because that would help since not everyone was blonde. If you or anyone else had more tips like yours that would be pretty cool. 🙂 ttfn

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