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Dying my hair auburn?

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I’ve dyed my hair quite a few colours over the past 2 years, but for about a year now I’ve had dark brown hair (my natural colour is light golden brown), and I’m looking for a little bit of a change.

I came across this photo of Julianne Moore with a beautiful auburn hair colour:


And I wondered whether it might work for me. My questions are:

1. What’s the best semi permanent deep red colour available? I use Casting Creme Gloss for my brown, but I’m not sure whether they have a good red?
2. I have naturally pale skin, but it’s not pink based (so I don’t go red as much as say, a natural blonde might), but does red hair bring out any redness in ones face?
3. Does an auburn colour take ages to wash out even semi permanent? And is it hard to achieve a good red?


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  1. The auburn is nice but I would not recommend dying your hair yourself.

  2. a few things: It’s hard to get a beautiful tone of red without consulting a technician. So, consider this. I’ve gone a very coppery red straight out of highschool and loved it. It’s the only other color besides blond that looks good on me. I have very pale skin. I think the red brings out a delicate porcelain beauty to a pale face, so don’t worry. Any red washes out faster than any other color, but if you use a henna shampoo it should help to keep it a little longer. umm, goodnight. I’m going to bed now

  3. Your picture isn’t showing up.

    But for your questions:
    1. It’s actually really hard to find a good red, but I believe loreal has some ok reds.
    2.Red does bring out red in faces.
    3. Reds come out pretty easily and it’s hard to get the exact color you want. Reds allso tend to fade alot, so if you go really red it might fade into a pink and if you go a darker red it should fade back into brown.

  4. your picture isnt showing up

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