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Dying my blonde hair auburn?(help I need to dye it tonight)?

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My hair is naturally dark blonde, I’ve been dying it for the past few years to a light blonde, I really want to go to an auburn colour beofre I go back to achool on thursday. I’ve bought a hair dye that says it will make my hair this colour- http://www1.cs.columbia.edu/CAVE/projects/separation/images/Hair_Auburn_Scene.jpg
The problem is that it says that it’s not suitable for already dyed hair. Is this just beacause the hair colour will come out a light ginger instead the of the darker colour or is it because the hair dye will be dangererous??? HELP

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  1. All hair dyes say that. Coloring already colored hair can damage hair. It makes it dry and it can break easily. But you’ll be fine. Just make sure you condition your hair really well while the color is in.

    btw, I just dyed my hair that color on Saturday. I have naturally light auburn hair and it made it just a bit redder. It’s really pretty and it looks natural.

  2. when you put dye upon dye, it does not come out the color stated on the box. the properties of the dye will respond differently to each other. now let me tell you that there is a huge risk involved in this in that your hair might turn a grayish color. so let me ask you, what tint is the hair dye you have??

    if it is a cool/blue/ash tint, do not do it!! it will most definetly turn your hair a greenish/grayish type of brown. you will cry, i know this because i did! it was horrible.

    if it is a natural/warm tint then you might be ok. try doing a strand test first. cut a little piece of you hair off, about 1-2 inches. tape the ends together and dye the other ends. see what color that turns out before you make a huge mistake.

    remember that dying your hair lighter strips color from the strands and going darker adds color to your strands. and dont worry, it will not cause your hair to fall out if you dye it again. try not to dye it very much more after this and take care of it. it loves you, love it back.

  3. Its not dangerous to your hair. It will just come out a slightly different shade of auburn. Your hair will still be beautiful. You’ll rule your school! Have fun! 🙂

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