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Dying bleached/highlighted hair to auburn……….?

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Okay so I used to have auburn hair and then brown and I got all-over highlights professionally done over the past 3-4 months. I was hoping I could do it tomorrow after work myself….I used to dye my hair all the time at home….but havent been blonde since I was 13 which is my natural hair color but grows in dark….ANYWAYS………

What if I use colorful neutral protein filler first and then use Color Brilliance by ION 4r Medium Red Brown & mix with medium copper to get an auburn color and 20 developer creme by ION…..


P.S – I take care of my hair it is very soft and I always AIR dry, only use heat-straightener when I have to work, because I have to wear my hair down…& bc its short it does an ugly wave even though my hair is naturally STRAIGHT….but I condition my hair everynight and have hair masque and use a de-tangler-leave in conditioner and C.H.I. Reconstruction

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  1. If you’ve had your hair dyed for a while and it has a build up of chemicals in them the best thing to do is have your new hair colour applied at a hair salon where they are trained to give you the colour you want with the least amount of chemicals and damage to your hair. Good luck

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