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Does Aveda Madder Root make your hair auburn?

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My friend wants to make her hair auburn and hears that Aveda Madder Root can do the job. She already has red undertones in her hair. If it doesn’t, what shampoo does make your hair auburn? Also, can you include pictures of what medium skin tone looks like? My friend isn’t sure if auburn will look good on her because she isn’t sure what medium skin looks like.

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  1. You know a lot of girls use Kool Aid to dye their hair temporally,this may be a thing that your friend would like to consider doing.Just choose a shade that she likes,this is just an option since she’s not sure.

  2. hi, i’m a cosmetology student at aveda. my hair is naturally a light brown but is colored red violet. i’ve used madder root a few times here and there. it won’t change your hair color permantely but you will defintely see a difference when you use it and blow dry your hair. if you have highlights or lighter colors in your hair i would strongly recommend you not to use this product because it will turn blonde hair a reddish color. i would say jessica alba has a medium skin tone. if your considering coloring your hair red, red violet is a good color to start off because it’s not TOO intense and it’s similar to auburn. and it’s also very in right now 😉 hope i helped.

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