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Does auburn hair look good with pale skin and hazel eyes?

Image by [AJ] I have medium pale skin (It does have some pinkish undertones) and brown eyes with just a touch of green in them, so I guess you could call them hazel. My natural hair color is brown. Would I look good with auburn hair, or auburn highlights against my natural hair color?

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  1. marshmellow cloud


  2. Samantha Serenity

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  3. I think both would look good. I think you should try Ashlee Simpson’s new red hair color.

    Answer mine?

  4. I have been every natural hair color under the sun and I too have a pale complexion :p I Think Auburn is a very pretty color for pale skin and your hazel eyes will be brought out nicely with the auburn :p I say go for it

  5. yesh yesh it does 🙂

  6. You should go with a light auburn color,
    I think it would be very flattering with pale skin and hazel eyes.
    It would probably look very pretty and natural.

  7. well, I think it looks pretty cute. 😀
    I was born with red hair, but as I got older it started turning auburn.
    I never had to dye my hair. Pretty awesome ^-^
    & Yeah, I have hazel eyes soo.. Yeah. my mom always sad I got a hella lot of compliments when I was a baby with red hair o.o
    I think u should do it 🙂

  8. *Said.

    :3 Sorry. lolll(:

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