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Does anyone know of a good box hair dye that will change medium auburn hair to blonde?

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I’ve tried revlon colorsilk and it didnt take at all,only a few highlights of blonde in the sun were noticeable.any suggestions of over the counter dye? I have wavy meduim auburn and green eyes and kinda pale skin but I read that light blonde would look good.

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  1. you need a perement hair dye look at differant sorts in the shop and on the back it shows you the before and after colours

  2. Honestly all the dyes u buy can work fairly, it just depends your hair color and of course what color your trying to get but for your decision here i think the only way you can get what you want is by bleaching, i had a darkish auburn hair and i went blonde and my friend was trying to do the same but she didn’t want to bleach because of the damage it can cause, so she bought blond dyes and like every 4 days she would dye it and dye it till she got some what blonde but overall we got the same damage and her blonde was more of that orangish blonde honestly it didn’t look so great, but its your choise hun, Good luck and if you are going for the dying on your own make sure to dye it when ur hair isn’t recently washed and my recondition would be clairol nice ‘n easy!

  3. The color cannot lift color even the professional once, so if you want blond highlights you have to use lightning powder (bleach) !

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