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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. betterthanhers

    I believe that something like that shouldn’t be tried from a box or items you get from a beauty supply store. My hair is naturally jet black and always has been. I decided to try the plum color on my hair about 12 years ago and I had to have my hair bleached to lighten it to a brown and blonde then she dye it plum. the first time we tried it, my jet black took over because you want to go lighter than your normal hair it will need to be lightened then colored the lighter color. Sorry to say that you are going to have to let a professional do it unless you are willing to read message boards and forums on lightening hair (go to yahoo seach and type question ‘how do I lighten my black hair? Or dyeing my hair from black to aubourn’) yahoo the word forum or message board in each sentence and it will take you to places where people are asking the same questions and read their answers…..they have done it already and give you advice or they may want to know some of the same things you know and you can see what people who know think. Then have a friend you trust or you do it. That is what I do for all of my ‘can afford it but gonna get it’ hair do’s (LOL). READ, LEARN, THEN TRY if you insist on doing it and doing it yourself.

  2. My hair is naturally black nd i died it auburn and it still looks black but in the sun it looks reddish

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