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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

Image by yeah that’s my question, and this next question is kind of awkward but …


  1. who cares, its only hair, get over it, ever heard of hair dye?

  2. ♥Master of Puppets♥

    Um it kind of looks like brunette/brown hair in that picture

  3. From the look of the picture I’d say a dark red color. I like it. =) I’ve always really liked red hair.

  4. That’s like bright red.

  5. looks like red

  6. to me it looks like red, because i have auburn hair and its not the same color as yours

  7. Red with natural brown or brunette highlights. And whatever people tell you dont go and dye it because first thats unatural for a guy and actually your hair cool not alot of people have your hair color so you should feel special!

  8. Dark red, it is a nice colour. I like red hair on men. But I am biased, I am a redhead myself, though it is not as dark as that.

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