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Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark Auburn Hair Color – Beautiful Color For All Seasons

dark auburn hair color
Beautiful dark auburn hair

If you are like us, then you like to change your hair color as much as the seasons change. Right now, that fall hair is the look that many are aiming for. According to celebrity stylists, solid and bold colors are the theme for this fall. The weather will not be as hot as it is during the summer and the sun goes away during the fall, so your complexion will more than likely be paler than it normally is. To make sure you stay in style, it is important to update your mane. For the fall months, we recommend you looking into dark auburn hair color, that is, if you are already a brunette and you are looking for something darker.

There is nothing wrong with going darker, but if you are a brunette, then you may want to stay away from the blonde shades. You can easily go from amber, auburn or golden brown hues. The important factor is to keep your mane natural looking.

You should also remember to have depth at the roots. When you add depth to your roots, you will be helping your color blend in with the tone of your skin so that you will not look off.

There is a color treatment available that is known as color correction. This type of treatment can help you adjust your color to the right shade. This also means that you do not have to have all of your mane colored.

If you have bold highlights or streaks, then it may be a great idea to tone them down or get rid of them by using the color correction.

The random highlights should not make it look like you just came from a punk hairstyle. They are to add texture and dimension to your hair. If you are planning on having hair extensions, then you need to make sure they are the same shade as your tresses.

Tips to remember – Dark auburn hair color for this fall is a wise choice as it is something that the dark haired celebrities are doing. When you are dying the locks, you need to make sure you choose products that are reliable. To protect the locks from the sun so it does not dry your hair out, wear hats and scarves. You should also use shampoos that are designed for color-treated hair. Before you step into a pool that has been chlorinated, wet your hair with bottled spring water. Do not brush your hair when it is wet and do not over dry it. When you take all of these tips in mind, you will have healthy, dark auburn locks.

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  1. I dyed my ahir a dark aburn and it looks to brown who do i make it look more red? Should i add another box?

  2. I love how this color looks!!

  3. I recently dyed my hair back, i would like to go back to auburn.
    How may i do this with the least amount of damage.

    • Google “Scott Cornwell colour B4 extra strength”. This amazing home hair dye remover took out 100% of my black hairdye and im back to beautiful AUBURN! Follow ALL steps,you can find on ebay

  4. What is the difference between dark auburn and red hair color?

  5. Aurburn is a mix between brown and dark red. Red is well… Red! That’s the diffrence.

  6. Ok. So i have hazel-green eyes and i want to know of a hair color that would match thoses. I am thinking about goin a dark auburn but i dont know if i want to be a red head,

  7. Fall is just about here. Looking to change things up a bit with your bright blond tresses, but don’t want to do anything permanent? Here’s an excellent way to tone down the highlights with some subtle hair color products. The Keune Tinta Color Mousse is a great little line of styling products that can give you the temporary hair fix you need. The line comes in nine different colors, everything from Aubergine (a purple-ish brown) to Sherry Blonde. Try these for a healthy dose of color and style. Highly concentrated color, so a little goes a long way, yet washes out in 1-2 shampoos.

    Although it doesn’t happen all the time, anytime you go over a lighter hair color with a darker temporary hair color, you take a chance on leaving a little color behind. To prevent muddying your hair, shampoo with a good clarifying shampoo to remove as much of the product as possible. From the same line, try Keune Clarifying Shampoo.

    To ensure all color is out, check out Malibu Color Correction. A patented, fresh-dried vitamin complex that dissolves into a gel in the palms of the hands forming a rich lathering treatment specifically formulated for previously colored hair with undesirable results to remove all elements that can interfere with color. Malibu Color Correction safely, gently and effectively helps remove undesired color.

    Follow up with a good color depositing shampoo or conditioner to brighten your beautiful blondes again. For ultra light blondes bordering white, check out the ClayPac Color Shampoo and Conditioner in Violet. This works great to neutralize the brassy tones and unwanted yellow. If your blondes are more yellow, check out the same product in Lemon.

    These tips should get your hair subtly colored and back again without any permanent changes or adverse effects. All products mentioned above are available at our Salon online at http://www.haircareusa.com. Enjoy your fall!

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