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Coloring hair from dark brown to auburn? Help!!?

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I am in some desperate need of help. My natural hair color is dark auburn. When you look straight on it looks medium/darkish brown. But when the sun hits it, or in other places it is two toned with dark red. I recently went to my salon and asked for it to be made just a little big more auburn (some more dark red in it, not burgundy, not copper). She ended up turning my hair copper. When I washed it it turned orangeish copper and it was hideous. I dyed it a “medium brown” with Ion Color from Sally’s and it turned it close to black. Some of the copper is showing through on the top and the ends are white (if that makes sense, the split ends are showing and making it look white). I want my auburn hair back and am not sure how to go about it. Going to a stylist is out of the question because I do not have that sort of money to spend when they mess my hair up (that’s how I got into this predicament was with a very reputable hair dresser). I am looking at Perfect 10 by Clairol’s Medium Auburn and Dark Auburn. Which would be the safest choice to make my hair that auburn/medium brown color without making it black or orange again?
I’d kind of like this color or a little darker.


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  1. Henna!!! It is seriously the best. I add some clove and paprika to make it more red, but all by itself it can make a great auburn or orange. Adding coffee makes it darker.


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