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Chestnut Hair Color: Tests to Know If You are Getting the Right Product

The way we look matters a lot these days. When you look good, you basically feel good. It boosts your confidence and it wins you many friends and associates. Admit it – it’s not always our attitude that other people consider. It’s how we look!

Chestnut Hair Color

Changing your hair color can be one great way of revamping your looks. However, you should choose the color that is closest to the natural color of your hair to avoid scalp and hair damage and to make sure it will look better on you. Chestnut hair color is one of the most favorite hair dyes of many people who have darker hair color. Chestnut can perfectly gleam when hit by sunlight, producing an appealing effect. It also makes your brown hair livelier and shinier.
chesnut hair color

Chestnut hair color comes in liquid and cream forms. Regardless of the form you choose, you should always see to it that you’re choosing the right product. There are a lot of brand names when it comes to chestnut hair color. You have to be careful when shopping for it. There were many reports about hair damage due to incorrect choice of hair coloring treatments.

Some Tests You Should Do Before Applying Hair Dye
Whatever hair dye you wish to apply – whether it is chestnut hair color, red, mahogany, etc, you may want to check whether the product is suitable to your hair type by going through these tests:

Strand Test – this test allows you to figure out whether the chestnut hair color matches your hair type. When conducting strand test, don’t forget to wear gloves. Select an area in your hair and follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer. Leave it for some time as instructed and thoroughly brush your hair after. Dry your hair to check out the results.

Hypersensitivity Test – this test lets you determine whether or not the chestnut hair color produces negative reaction to your scalp. Scalp damages are common in hair coloring treatments. This test will greatly help you prevent any possibility of scalp damage.

By doing these tests, you should be able to apply chestnut hair color safely. Enjoy your new look!

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