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Can you mix hair colors together?

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I have always wondered if you could mix hair colors together to get the perfect shade. I have always wanted auburn hair but most of the store bought hair colors come out looking way to red and unatural. I was wondering if I could take an auburn color and mix it with a light or medium brown to get a dark auburn natural red.

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  2. My hair dresser mixes colors together all the time to get my special shade. I do know that she has a chart that tells her how much of what color to combine, she adjusts as we go along. Suggest check the manufacurers web site or with you local beautician

  3. Yeah you can mix colors but I wouldn’t do it with a box color. Go to a beauty supply store like Sally.

  4. I’d try it with a semi permanent color first. Lovng care for example. i don’t see why you couldn’t though.

  5. Yes, I do it all the time. Just use professional color not that junk you buy at a department store. Sally beauty supply is the place to go for those not licensed. They carry all sorts of colors and they can assist you with what to use and how to use it.
    Good luck

  6. “Colorists” as they’re called in the salon world take pride in being able to mix shades and come up with the perfect tone. Of course if you have no experience in mixing colors this may or might not be a good idea. Here’s why:

    1. If you are going to mix colors, you need to mix from the same brand. Different brands come up with their chemical set-up differently and mixing different brands will get a bogus result.

    2. Brands have a color scale of their own. Meaning that they could have a black that is maybe 2N or a blonde that is 10G. Those numbers represent the color and the tone so N is natural G is gold, If you are unfamiliar with their scale the color you are trying to mix may have a base that mixes with another and then you got orange hair! For example, let’s say you mix a brown with a blue base, and a brown with a more red base and you are a redhead – BOOM you got a funky dark purple/brown going, NOT a good look. Colors have bases that make them, you have to take this into account when mixing.

    3. Speaking of your natural color, you have to determine what that is. There is a scale from 1-10 (1 being the darkest to 10 being the lightest. This determines what color your hair will turn out.

    4. If you must “experiment” and don’t want to get it done professionally, do a strand test. Meaning clip a piece of hair (not a chunk) and test your color out on the section you’re testing. Remember to rinse and dry it, then hold it up to the light to get what the result will be.

    Take these things into account and go for it. Use professional color though and not cheap stuff

    • Im contemplating go brown/auburn. Im aware that thete are different numbers and letters but i really dont understand the scale. Acording to your post my hair, i would say is the a 4. Buts it a redgold color naturally sometimes the ends look kind of orange in the sun. Im trying to acheive a medium brown red. Or medium ted brown. Do you have any suggestions?

  7. go to a salon, you can really mess your hair up by box color.

  8. IMO, this should be done only by experts!

  9. I’d agree.

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