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Can you give Dark brown hair red/auburn highlights without bleaching it first?

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I have dark brown, curly hair, and I’m looking to get red or auburn highlights in a salon. I was told that the only way to archive this was is I first bleached the sections I wanted to be highlighted, because my color was too dark for the reds to show up. s this true, and is there and easier (and less expensive) ways to add reds and auburns to dark hair?

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  1. yeah that’s true you could go all natural and put lemon juice in your hair and keep it exposed to the sun for a while

  2. You will have to bleach the sections first

  3. oh no, you don’t have to bleach it!
    that’s what i did to my hair last summer 🙂
    just go to a hair dresser who knows what they’re doing and you’ll be fine
    good luck! 🙂

  4. I had my hair dyed dark brown and then got red highlights and blonde highlights. The red did not show up as much as i hoped so it is probably better to bleach it first. You could defentaly notice it in the sun, but that was about all.

  5. Yes, its true if ur original shade was too dark. Easier way is to buy the items from chemist and DIY. But result might not be as ideal as u would get from the professional.

  6. If you want the highlights to stand out against your dark hair, you will have to bleach them first. If you prefer subtle highlights, you can try to add a red colour over your dark hair but you will only see the red under lights or in sunlight.

  7. Charlie rox my sox 4 ever!

    You could dye it without bleaching it, but the color won’t show up as well. but for highlights, i don’t think you even want it to be like super bright colored. I think dying your hair blond in the places you are getting highlights first would also work instead of bleach because bleach is really bad for your hair also and not natural at all.

  8. I have dark brown straight hair, and I tried putting red highlights before, withouth bleaching the sections that i wanted highlited, and when my hair was done, you could not see the highlights at ALL! I was so sad 🙁 So don’t do what i did, and waste money having it done in a salon, if it’s not going to show in the end, so yes, get the sections belached first.

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  10. Feel_so_helpless

    Not true! If your hair already has artificial color on it, the yes you would have to bleach that out to get the desired color because color cannot remove color. But if you have never colored your hair you do not need to bleach it to create auburn or red highlights.

    Choose an auburn permanenet hair color that is about two levels lighter than your natural hair, it will brighten up nicely (natural look). If you choose red and do it yourself, it may not be real bright (depends on what you use) but it will show.

    **** If you go see a proffessional that knows how to color hair, bleach will not be necessary for true red/auburn highlights. In fact in my opinion it would be better for the longivity of the color to NOT use bleach. Do it yourself, the results are unpredictable. :/

    Good Luck!

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