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Can naturaly dark hair take a bright auburn color?

My hair is naturally dark brown. I want like a bright auburn/ copper color. Is it possible to achieve that color without bleaching it. FYI I’m not talking about the bright orangish red that is looks like the color seen on natural red heads. Thanks for your help! right now my hair is a deep red if that helps

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  1. You won’t get the color you want unless you bleach it.

  2. dark brown is so pretty omg i wish i had naturally dark brown hair. idk why youd want to dye it if i could dye my hair any color id dye it that, youre so lucky. dark brown is the color of sophistication and beauty and i dont think you should dye it.

  3. mine did my hair was black and sudennly it turned auburn from the sun

  4. There are only two things you can do to colour — make it darker, or make it lighter.

    If you want to make it darker, you can use any “dye” to do that. Dye means to add colour, to make deeper or darker. It is only used on fabrics, and really doesn’t do good things on hair. There are better products for hair today.

    If you are making it lighter, there is only one thing to use — a lightener. That means bleach. But bleach only means to make lighter, and there are several different kinds, and strengths. The tint you used now had bleach in it… didn’t you know that? They have to do that to open up the hair so the artificial colours can get inside.

    However, since you have used a darker colour, you need to remove some of it. Not with a bleach, but with a colour remover. That is a special product to remove artificial pigments from hair. Then you can put on the right colour you want. There are so many different kinds of “red”…. choose the right one.

    Since this is a specialized process, you might find it easier and cheaper to go to a professional salon to have it done.

  5. Actually you do not have to use bleach to lighten. You can use 40 volume developer. It will not lighten as much as bleach because it ends up being a higher lifting color. Other things you can do is add a copper booster to your hair color to make it more vibrant. If your hair is extremely dark, as in closer to black, I would say you should use both the 40 volume developer and a copper booster with the auburn shade. Also keep in mind that color only lifts on virgin, chemically unprocessed hair. If your hair has been treated before, then you have no choice but to bleach. Since you are wanting it in the red-orange range, you will not have to bleach it until it is blonde. Only until it gets to a bright orange stage in order for the hair to accept the color. And if you bleach, I recommend getting a protein filler and applying it after you bleach and before any color deposit. The filler helps minimize damage and ensure a more even coverage of the hair.

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