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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

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  1. i cant see your face but if you really want to then go for it. if it looks bad then you can always die it back or try wash in wash out first then if you like it go semi permanent.

  2. well it depends on your look, but if brown looks ok in you, then auburn burgundy kinda color will luk good i think, yea…you should try, there is no problem

  3. Yes, but reds are notoriously difficult to work with, especially since you will be lightening the color. It would be best to have a professional colorist do this for you the first time you have it done.

  4. If you do it yourself with a store bought dye, you’ll need to pre-lighten the hair because it’s too dark to go to the reddish color just with your normal hair. If you lighten it first, using a 20-volume peroxide developer with the desired color in equal parts, it should come out right.
    But if you’re not comfortable with trying it yourself, I’d recommend going to get it done at a salon because they can change your color no problem.

  5. My friend is asian and her hair is black and she did manage to dye it an auburn colour somehow by like dying it a light colour before adding the aubun. You can always consult your hairdresser, they are always happy to help!

    Can you answer mine?

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