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can i dye auburn hair color over blue?

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my friend told me i would look ‘awesome” with blue under my brown hair. the blue is under my bangs and the under layer. it looks so bad, and i hate it. but i dont want to bleach the blue out because i am afraid to damage my hair even more. i wanted to do my hair auburn, and i have the bottle of dye. can i dye it over the blue? or do i have to bleach it?

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  1. Whatever floats your boat.

  2. the blue could interfere with the auburn color, possibly turning a murky purple brown…
    Follow professional advice on this one

    I’m usually all for doing things yourself and being thrifty, but in this case it could turn bad! there is chemistry at work here that
    will make the results unpredictable for someone not trained in this area :/

  3. Exodus of Serenity

    Im assuming your blue hair is from Semi Perm dye, wich you just need to make sure you wash out. Did you bleach the hair before you dye’d it blue? Im sure you had to have, or used blue dye with bleach, What you do is you give your hair for about a week (every other day) a hot oil treatment, This will take out all the blue, leaving you with a dark greenish tinted hair, (It wont be pretty) THEN you can apply the red. The red hair color will take more vividly to the old blue hair parts since it was lightend but it wont look bad. You gotta get as much of that blue dye out of your hair as possible though.

  4. I’d go to a salon to get it fixed. Possibly the blue will still show through the auburn color.. only a professional can really fix what’s going on.

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