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Can I die auburn hair extensions a darker color?

My hair is red but a darker red than my hair extensions. When i ordered them on ebay I thought they were the same color as my hair. What should I do?
Should I die the hair extensions darker?
Die my hair red( which is hard because i died it black like 3 months ago)?
Or buy some dark brown hair extensions to mix in with the red?

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  1. get them from horrorkidz.com next time. thats where i got mine. and they are real hair and really good.

    and if its real hair you can re dye them but if not then dont

  2. If they are human hair extensions then buy a hairdye color that you like which is slightly darker than your hair color, dye your real hair that color, and seeing as though your extensions are lighter, dye them the same color but leave the dye in for twice as long for a darker result. You could try just dying the extensions but they wont be exactly the same color as your real hair unless you dye both with the same colored dye.

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