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Can I change my hair color from auburn back to blonde? (Without destroying it?)?

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My natural color is mousy dark ash blonde/light brown, but I was very light blonde as a kid. I did highlights for years but got tired of it and went auburn. Now I miss the blonde and want to go back. I tried a month ago. The stylist applied a “double blonde” dye (maybe with mild bleach?) to everything. My regrowth turned very pale yellow, almost white, and the previously dyed part was bright orange. I looked just like a maple tree in October. The stylist evened the whole thing out with another color that left me a medium-dark reddish blonde. Sometimes it looks golden blonde and other times it’s brassy. I really want to be a natural-looking light-medium blonde with only a hint of the warm color that dye boxes call “golden”. My hair feels clumpy when I shampoo it, but after conditioning it feels wonderful, healthy and still does after drying. I think it’s in good shape. Can I safely bleach the red out once and for all? I’m not interested in just highlights again – I want more coverage.

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  1. Yes you can if you go to the right places with the right ppl.

  2. if your not natural your going to be fighting this forever….
    but if you really wanna be blonde try a cool color blonde
    and when it starts to change colors put a rinse in to make the color better so your not killing your hair every 3 weeks
    ( :
    good luck!

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