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Can frosted hair be colored auburn?

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I understand that hair frosted with an ash base can turn green if you try to color it brown – are there any other color options that can be done at home with a box color…can I go auburn, red or dark blonde without that same issue? I just want it all to blend better – my light brown roots are very noticeable and no $$ for the salon right now. Thanks…

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  1. Just take a strand test to make sure it wont turn you’re hair green!! most likely It wont turn green and just don’t go for the super super cheap hair dye

  2. Risky, risky! I’d recommend just dying your hair light brown in neutral or even warm tone until you have money to go to a salon. It’s a very safe color, and staying away from ash should be fine. I don’t recommend auburn for natural light brown hair. It might turn purple.

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