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Brunette Hair Color

Brunette Hair Color – How To Pick The Perfect Tones For You

Most of the natural brown-haired people have some gold and red tones in their hair. If you try to lighten your natural color, even if it is one shade lighter, the hair has a tendency to pull those warm colors off, like gold or red tones. If you have found this troublesome for you, then we suggest you choose a color that is close to the natural one. Take note that when you select darker tones ones, it will take away from the visibility of brassy tones. Let’s see how you could achieve a gorgeous brunette hair color.

brunette hair color
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In a single process of hair dye, you can only lighten your hair color no more than three shades. If you are at a level six brunette, then you will need to pre-lighten your mane with some bleach before you will be able to color your hair blonde.

You can safely pre-lighten your tresses with bleach by going to a professional. This is something that you should never attempt to do on your own as it could ruin your hair.

If you are dying your tresses and you would like to go up two shades and make it darker, then you may need to use a pre-pigment first before you go any further.

Basically, you need to put back what you removed. In order to do this, use a temporary or semi-permanent dye before you place use your target color. If you do not do this properly, you may get some off color results.

There are some individuals out there that dye their hair a couple of shades away from the natural color. You should take caution if you are trying to dye your locks four shades away from your natural color. When you do this, you could contrast your eye color or skin tone. Sometimes, the individual may like the effect they get, but many times, the result they get is a bit on the disappointing side.

If your hair has been colored before, then you will not be able to use the formulas in order to lighten your hair. If you have recently dyed your locks and would like it to be lighter, then using another color will not work so well. In fact, it could drive the previous pigment deeper into your tresses and this could make it difficult for even someone with a great deal of knowledge to remove. If you are looking into brunette hair color, then you first need to decide which shade would look best on you.

Watch a video about how to switch from brunette to red hair color.

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  1. My natural hair is blonde but I want to try dyeing my hair with brunette? Will it look good in me if I have pale skin? Please give me any hair color ideas that you can think of.

  2. It depends if it will match the colors of your eyes and eyebrows. Though I think brunette will make you good, why don’t you try auburn hair color instead? It will make your pale skin glow and healthier.

  3. I think it is better Amanda if you try red hair color. It is rare, beautiful and it is best fit for this summer.

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