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Black is Beautiful: With Black Hair Color

Many people say that black is beautiful. Everyone loves black in many ways. Black dress, black shoes, etc. Even when choosing in hair color, almost everyone prefers wearing black hair dye, the darker the better. When you know how to take care of your hair, you can achieve the most beautiful hair you ever wanted. Well, you can be a head turner too. There are products nowadays that are available to make your hair shiny and livelier. You just have to follow the instructions properly to have a good result.

Black hair is one of the natural hair colors we have. The others are blonde, white, brown or red. Different natural hair color also depends on the race we belong with. It is also associated with different skin tones and eye color. So, why turn to other color when you can have the most beautiful color in the world, the black hair.It can easily pair with your skin tones even in choosing dress. Wearing black hair dye will give you more confidence. It is more sophisticated than any other hair color. Black hair will not give you hesitance when your hair grows, because the hair color will not fade.

A study shows that black hair is common in men than women. Red and blonde hairs are more common in women. Changing hair color can be processed chemically. We have two types of hair color – permanent and semi-permanent. Permanent hair color is the most flexible color because you can choose if you want it darker or lighter. Literally speaking, if you wear permanent color, it will color your hair permanently, and as your hair grows, uncoloured hair will occur. While in semi-permanent color, the more often you washed your hair, the color will fade out soon. Maybe three to four weeks, your hair will have a lighter color and may vary from your original hair color that is less harsh and will look more natural. So there will be refined dissimilarities in color across the head.

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