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Auburn hair with dark chunks?

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I want to do something unique to my hair. I naturally have dull brownish/auburn colored hair and I am thinking of going a deep auburn red all over and putting dark brown almost black streaks or chunks throughout. I can only find pictures of auburn hair with light streaks so I don’t know if this will look good, any ideas or advice?

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  1. I think it would look awesome, especially if you have paler skin and dark eyes. I have naturally dirty blonde hair but I dyed it an auburn-ish color, it looks good(or at least I think so, and it makes my blue eyes pop :D). But I’d say go for it, it sounds awesome…


  2. I think streaks will look awesome, but add a brighter color to them also. Maybe a blonde. It would look so adorable.

  3. my daughter-in-law as the opposite she has dark brown with deep red high-lights it looks really good and different….

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