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Auburn Hair Color Pictures 1

Auburn Hair Color Pictures Ashlee-Simpson to Evan Rachel

Welcome to the first series of pictures of celebrities with beautiful auburn hair color.

Some are quite inspiring. I like the long and curly hair of Julia’s hairstyle. I also like this color tone. This is the one I’m having at the moment.

I hope you will find these inspiring for your next hair makeover.



Barrymore Drew


Carey Mariah


Debra Missing has a lovely auburn tone


Evan Rachel


Comments are welcome. Let us know what you think about these auburn hair color pictures.

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  1. The last picture doesnt even look lioke auburn
    .-= Evangelyn´s last undefined ..(Enjoy 10 returned posts for Christmas) =-.

  2. GORGEOUS! simply GORGEOUS! I am going on 19,have naturally super dark brown hair and have wanted red hair since I was little.Last year when I was 17, I went and dyed my hair red.I was a bottle red head for 14 months but I could never achive my dream red; a perfect auburn shade like in these photos.I have tried several different boxed hair colors and none really worked too well.After my last attempt with one, the result was so awful and I was so fed up that I just gave up on red.I went to Sally’s, bought bleach and toner, and a month later went blonde.I managed to achive the perfect blonde! I’m a happy blonde now! I failed to go red but easily managed to go blonde.So, go figure…But I still love red hair and one day would like to try again to achive my dream red.The red dye would take really well over bleached hair! But as for now, I wanna stay blonde for a while.But I would love to dye my blonde hair red underneath 🙂

    • you should try a hairdresser…duhhhh!!!!

    • I dont know much but ive found that if i go and get my hair colored at a salo9n they have a much bigger selection in red and it comes out much better. Although you have to go and get it done more often depending on the color my highlights started red and about 3-4 weeks later they were orange and grown out. i dont know if that was just with highlights or what?.

  3. WOW! I have been looking for the perfect shade of auburn for weeks and i couldnt seem to find the right color for my brown hair. I came across this website and i FINALLY found the shade i was looking for.

  4. That isn’t Debra Messing, that’s Lindsey Lohan.

  5. Just wondering, which of the following celebrities in the pictures have natural auburn hair color?

  6. Hi, I looove this Ashlee Simpson color. How can I ask for it?
    Can I go to the beauty store and do it myself? Any idea on how to mix the colors to get the right shade??? I have dark brown hair and green eyes, so it would look incredible!

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