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auburn hair color, how to change it? help!?

¿auburn hair color, how to change it? help!?
I had my hair colored a couple days ago and the idea was to make it medium brown with no copper, no auburn or no cinamon color at all. Today it looks auburn, cinamon and not medium brown with golden tendency as I initially wanted. I was told they put something that last 6 weeks and vanishes away slowly when I wash my hair and I don’t know what to do. Should I wait to change the color the 6 weeks? or should I change it right away? is there a shampoo that may take the reddish cinnamon color away? my eye brows have some blond although I am brunet. How do I take care of my hair from this point on? What do I do? Help!

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  1. well, you could dye it,
    or use a shampoo made for blondes to cancel out the red.

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