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Ash Brown Hair: Is it For You?

Changing hair color is one of the most enjoying prerogatives of women. Some would shift from light hair color to extremely outspoken ones while others would simply add highlights. Ash brown hair is one of the best choices for women who have cool skin tone and warmer eyes.

Ash Brown Hair
There are many different shades of brown hair from brunette to chestnut to golden brown to chocolate brown and so on. Experts are advising women to choose the shade that is nearest to their natural hair color. Ash brown hair was once used by Jenifer Lopez and other Hollywood celebrities. There are hundreds of hair colors available today and which come in easy-to-apply hair dye treatments. You’ll find different brands in the market. Before you buy one, make sure to read some customer reviews to find the best product for your hair. You should also follow the instructions carefully to make sure that the color is evenly spread on your hair.

Black Hair to Ash Brown
People with black hair color usually encounter problems when dyeing their hair. Since black is very dark, simply applying hair dye may not help you achieve the color or shade you desire. If you have back hair and you wish to shift to ash brown hair, you need to do some things before coloring your hair. First, you need to make sure that your hair is in good condition. Don’t apply hair dye if you have just undergone hair treatments such as hair rebinding or straightening. Otherwise, it may severely damage your hair. It’s also advisable to apple pre-lightener so when you apply ash brown hair color, you are sure to achieve the effect you want. Leave the pre-lightener for up to 40 minutes and make sure you cover all the strands of your hair. Ash brown hair color has varying shades which range from light to medium to dark shade. Follow the instructions carefully.

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