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Are there any other brown skin “black” people with NATURALLY Red or Auburn Hair?

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I have brown sugar colored skin with natural auburn hair… I’ve been looking for info on the frequencies of this occurring in non-biracial people such as myself. The information I’ve found has been limited. What are the chances of having an Auburn haired child with my dark haired hubby? Do you guys have any resources for research? Any more of you guys with red hair (any race)? =)

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  2. Genetically his black (dark colors) hair/eyes will dominate. Red hair is very rare and is considered a recessive gene. In some people it could be a descendant with the gene or even a mutation.

    My best friend has red hair and Very pale skin although both her parents and grand parents have brown and black hair and more tan skin. Lets just say we can’t loose her at parties.

  3. Hello, I don’t have naturally auburn hair but my oldest daughter does so I looked it. This is what I found. There are two genes that determine hair color. One is brown(includes black) or blond. The second is red non red. Now whether you get brown or the blond gene determine whether you’ll get either auburn or bright red orange in that order. I know of NO one in my family who’s ever had red hair at all but my husband’s mother says she remembers one of her aunts. So i guess I was still carrying the gene somewhere as was he. Did you know theres a country in south asia of brown/black people where bright blond hair occurs about 40%. Hair color is very interesting. I think auburn is quite rare all around whether black or white.

  4. Hi, my sister and I have naturally auburn hair, we are of a brown skinned race. We also have freckles and yet we have a brown skinned complexion. Our other brothers and sisters have black or brown hair. Our parents both have black hair.

  5. Hi, I am an unmixed black woman and when I was kid I used to have red highlights kind of like natural streaks of red in my hair. It runs in my family because my grandmother on my mom’s side had it, my mom was the only of her 7 siblings who had it, and I’m the only one of my 5 siblings who had it. My sister has 10 kids and 1 of her 10 had it, my other sister has 2 and her son had it, and then my brother’s daughter who is mixed race half white had it too, but no one on her white side had red hair so she got it from her black side. LOL! Hair color is funny especially when it shows up in places where it’s not supposed to. But we all outgrew the red by the time we turned like 12 or so. It just got naturally darker.

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