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Are any girls attracted to guys with red/auburn hair?

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I’m rare and I have the dark red/auburn hair, not the bright orange kind.

I have small freckles on my arms and shoulders and no where else.

Do any girls like that? I work out and have a good body too if that helps. I’m pretty skinny but toned.

Be honest, I know ever person is unique and has their own preferences

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  1. Nope.

  2. Yeah! I looooove red hair, especially dark red 🙂
    It’s adorable!

  3. My friend like Gingers…
    Like, REALLY likes gingers.
    Anyway, it’s personality. 🙂

  4. you were right on the ”every one has their own preferences” part
    when it come to guys, i don’t really care about what is his hair colour (well….just not blue or pink ) lolz, aniway

    lots of girls look more into personality and stuff like that,but yea…..to answer ur question i do like guys with dark auburn hair

    i dont know why some people think it’s bad for someone to have that hair color…..but i think it’s very attractive……i have black hair and i died it dark auburn last year—
    so ya….hope i helped 🙂

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