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Any ways to naturally lighten my hair?

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I have naturally auburn colored hair, and I was wondering if anyone knows how I could naturally lighten my hair color and bring out the high lights without damaging it!

I heard about using lemon juice and sitting in the sun, but is that healthy for your hair?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you!

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  1. well, yes it is healthy for your hair. also try henna. it is amazing. they sell it at Indian stores. get the henna for hair and it will naturally lighten your hair, and fix all your split ends and help repair damage done to your hair.

  2. The only way to lighten the color of your hair is to disperse the molecules in the hair shaft. This is done by bleaching. Lemon juice is unpredictable and will take more than one go, and you will have to pick out the exact same pieces every time. Don’t use peroxide either, just bleach it.

  3. i would mix lemon juice and conditioner together and the good thing about using lemon juice is that it slowly fades away so you don’t have darker roots when your hair starts to grow back. 🙂 hope i helped a little!

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