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What color high lights would look good with dark hair? I was thinking a reddish auburn color. ?

Image by yeah that’s my question, and this next question is kind of awkward but …


  1. well red is a color thats hard to hold in the hair regardless

    get the stuff geared towards color treated red hair


  2. make sure u use shampoo for color treated hair, if you dont have alot of money get loreal pro, if you do try redken, but make sure no matter what u end up getting it has to be for color treated hair.

  3. 1) The first thing to consider is which shampoo and conditioner you are presently using. The label should clearly state “For Color Treated Hair”
    Never use a Protein Treatment immediately after a hair color application. There are two majors we learn in the beginning of our career as hairstylists: Protein fades new hair color and Moisturizers loosen those brand new curls from permanent waves.
    2) Do not “sweat”. Normally a person will not get a new hair color treatment and then go play tennis … but … believe me some do. This is a no-no. The heat produced by your over activity will open the cuticle layer of your hair leaving an exit point for your hair color molecules that will attach themselves to the salt that is in your perspiration. You will not notice as much on the ends but the freshly retouched root area of you hair will show the loss. Remember try not to engage in any activity that will cause you to perspire heavily right after your salon appointment.
    3) Close that cuticle after every shampoo with a conditioner that is designed to keep your color fresh. After rinsing with tepid NOT HOT water, towel dry with a squeezing motion not a scrubbing motion. Scrubbing with your towel, although it may feel good, will rake open your cuticle layer and leave your hair dull and vulnerable to the elements. A shine serum like CHI SILK or FAROUK BIO SILK THERAPY should be applied lightly before combing the hair “with a wide tooth comb” to ease out the tangles on long hair. When I say lightly, I mean the size of an eraser head placed into the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and beginning on the ends of your hair work your way to the scalp area. If by chance you apply too much simply gently towel some out. Apply a styling mouse or gel and style as usual. Before spraying your hair repeat the shine serum process remembering to begin at the longest part of your hair and work your way in. The shine will be incredible and the fly aways and frizzes will be reduced.

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