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Auburn Hair Color

Auburn Hair Color – Gorgeous Hair Makeover With Auburn

beautiful woman with dark auburn hair color
Lovely dark auburn hair

Selecting a hair color that highlights your skin tone, style, and unique personality is important. There is a wide range of colors available in Auburn hair color that provide
both depth and style. When the right shade is selected, this color can add a beautiful signature to your look and style.

Red hair color and Auburn hair color are different. All of the Auburn shades give you a soft, warm look that bring the focus of people to your eyes and face. The Bordeaux auburn is a deep rich color that has just enough red in it to make the color unique. The light strawberry shade adds a depth to what might ordinarily be a blond color. However, like red color, auburn requires some extra levels of care to keep the color healthy and shining.

If you have never used an Auburn hair color, you will want to make the change gradually to this color. Many people find a drastic color change to be more traumatic than they thought it would be. This is especially true if you have been a blond for several years and are just entering the Auburn world. By changing the color gradually, you will be able to find the auburn color that is right for you.

Auburn is a very popular winter color. Its richness and depth are inviting and warm. When the hair is properly maintained any style will look wonderful and in place. When you have switched to Auburn hair color it is important to use shampoo that is made for Auburn hair. If you get red highlights with your color, you will want to use a shampoo that is made for red hair. By using the proper shampoo you will not experience the brassiness or fading that sometimes occurs.

The shade of auburn that you select will also be dependent on your skin tone. A colorist will be able to tell you which shades will look best with your skin tone. When deciding on the best color you may want to wear a wig of that color for a few weeks to be sure that you like the color.

Blonds wear heavier makeup than other hair colors. If you are a blond and are going to an Auburn color you will need to switch out your makeup. Blond shades do not draw the eye to the eyes and face naturally. However, Auburn highlights and enhances eye color and the face automatically. The heavy makeup that you may have worn will not work with Auburn. In addition, if you have been wearing a foundation with a pink base, it will look more pink or sunburned when used with Auburn hair.

Thinking about the type of eye makeup that will work best with Auburn hair will be important. You will want to select eye makeup that enhances the eyes, but does not overpower them. When selecting eye makeup you will want to stay with tones that do not incorporate a red base. Remember that people will be looking at your eyes automatically so too much makeup will be noticed quickly.

Wearing heavy makeup with Auburn hair will usually make the face look tired and older. By lightening up and getting colors that compliment your hair color, you will be able to create a distinct signature look easily. Talking to a hair and makeup consultant will help you in finding the right shade of Auburn hair color and makeup that will be perfect for the look that you want to achieve.

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